nur liyana zahari .

i've read your blog dear,aww it's so sweet <3..i feel like i'm gonna collapse ..hehe..
i'm truly touched :'( i never expect that .. btw,thanks again and again ..
nur liyana zahari,a cute and nice girl i've ever meet ..even sometimes she's quiet annoying,but it's okay sayang.
everyone got their own positive and negative attitude,even me..nobody perfect right?
you've treated me so well,sometimes i feel like you are my sister,we've spend so much time together last two days aite?i  have so much fun there!she really understand me ..we've shared so much secrets together..she got my secrets,and me got her secrets..haha,

                                                     my sweetheart,HAHA,

i don't have good reasons,why do i heart this girl so much,
hmm,unfortunately,i'm going to miss her a lot,because she's going to MRSM kuala lipis..
she's gonna leave me here,ALONE!whuaa :'( i wish i could stopped her..
but this is for her own good,for her,i have to let her go .. oh my..
i 'm wanna cry when i think of this :( so sadd..

p/s:nur liyana zahari,don't ever ever forget me ,okay?
    just takecare of yourself there :)


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