it could me the new me .

I'm now trying to learn something which is not a school subject..haha
,yeah, I'm trying to learn how to wear sorts of hijjab,I've look for so many places,blogs,even youtube :)
there's so much style that I could try,for me,it's quiet pretty..NO!it's actually very very cool man! haha..
got so many thing that actually for those who are wearing  hijjab can try(including me)haha,
so here's some of them,have a look :)

but,I'm still not satisfied,because I can't really get what I want,but it's okay lah,it's better than nothing rite? :)
I wish I could be the 'new me ' :)hmm,yeah actually I really admire this 'someone'. for me,she's kinda perfect ..she's so smart,so talented,and so so so pretty, ;D
I really wanna be like her :) hmm,  so,this is the 'someone':
tadaa! HELIZA HELMI <3

                                       by the name of HELIZA HELMI <3
                                                          smart ~
                                                  have a very nice voice
                                                so damn pretty man! :p

                                                aww, I really adore you :)

she's so pretty rite?*sigh, if only I could be like her :(  she know how to dress so well, and the hijjab look so pretty on her .and someone also can be so pretty even they're wearing hijjab are not the problem.I wish I could find someone that can help me in this :) and hopefully,wearing hijjab are not going to be the problem  for that 'someone' to help me in this :)
 now.I'm really trying to :) so,hopefully,I can make my dream come true ;)
pray fer me :)

p/s:mummy,I wanna be like 'her' haha XD


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