life changing .

"you're one of the girl that i won't forget and you're are the one that i really want to forget"i never expect those words from you.i cried just after you said those words to me.OMG!it's embarassing :s be truth i thought i was failed.but suddenly 'something' happen. :) you've change a lot  from bad to good .alhamdulillah :)
previously,you always act like you don't even have the intention to make your life better.but now you've proved something to me.i'm sure  your parents must be so proud of you now :)

               wanna change but it's to hard?then you should follow your heart :)

i hope that your 'new you' will always stay with you and you will never be like before :)
i know,sometimes you might  feel so bored and tired with all my 'ceramah' rite?haha..sorry,but i love to do that :)ohh yaa,suddenly i just remember one of your words "alah,ada ni..  "haha,actually,until now i feel like i'm just dreaming,but that's reality.and the most important thing,you change because of me,aww,i'm really touched :'( .. but,i'm not saying all those thing because i've fall for you or what ,i'm just too happy for you :)

p/s:thank you  :)


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