sorry, I love you .

I've found one guy that could be the one who will own my heart soon :) hmm,he has been so nice to me :) actually I almost forgot when did last time I feel this kind of feeling,but yeahh,this guy has make me feel this feeling again after a long time I left it :)
he's so sweet :)I can't describe how sweet and how kind this guy to me ,but he is the one who always be with me anytime I need him :)  hmm,should I put his picture here??I don't think so x)HAHA, I never thought that I'll be with you just like now,mr blablabla  or should I call you JM?? haha ,but sometime I'm not sure with myself and I don't have my own reason for it :( sorry, 

                                      awww <3 just like us ,haha *ahhh ,silly

p/s:but for now,I really need to study very hard for my future and ...  :)
     this is for you  , MFIMK :)


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