mistakes .

                                    i wish i could ERASE my mistake :(

everyone got their own mistake.either they really meant it or not.we all make mistake.last night,i was scolded by someone :( i know it's my fault but,why can't he/she told me nicely,so that i understand and i know where's my mistake.it's okay if you don't trust me,but don't say all that 'stuff ' even the words are not too bad.but it make sense on me,i can accept if someone else say all those words to me,but not you..it's hard for me.you're not my boyfriend or what..you're more than that to me..you're just too SPECIAL for me,you would never be replaced by anyone.sometime i feel like you don't love me,even i know you scold me because you love me,you just don't want me to repeat the same mistake in future.i'm really sorry if i ever hurts you.forgive me :)

p/s:i promise you i won't do the same mistake,but i don't guarantee :)


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