Dear future boyfriend .

:c:My Dear future boyfriend . please do read this okayy ?

:h:I don’t want you to be perfect because I know that I’m not. I don’t want you to be a cliché or Prince Charming or anything like that. I just want you to be you. In return, I will be me and I’ll love you as much as I can. If you could love me too, that’s all I ask for.

:h:Even after five years, you still make my heart go crazy. We haven’t talked in a few months, and before we started talking again, we didn’t talk for years. Basically since you left for Ohio five years ago. But for some strange reason, my heart still goes crazy for you. You’d think that I would have forgotten about you, just as I presume you’ve forgotten about me. But I haven’t. And I don’t think I ever will. You were the first guy that I ever felt truly comfortable with. You were the first guy that made me really feel something. You were my first real crush. And I don’t know if you ever will be my future boyfriend. I don’t know if we’ll ever go back to being friends. I don’t even know if I’ll ever see you again. But here’s to hoping. Maybe I’ll find someone and forget about you, just like I’ve done twice before. But maybe I won’t. Maybe I’ll never be able to forget about you. Even through my relationships, you were still there in the back of my mind at times. And even though I don’t think about you every single day, I do still think about you. And I miss you. I would give anything just to hang out with you for one day. I miss the way you would scream and run away when you saw me at your door. I miss talking to you about music and movies and random stuff. I miss hearing you laugh. And I don’t know if you still care about me, or even think about me, but you’ll always have a place in my heart. Because you’re the first guy that ever made me truly happy just by being my friend. Honestly, you’re the only guy that ever made me truly happy by being my friend. And do you remember when we made that bet? If one of us ended up in a famous band and the other ended up on the streets, the one that ended up on the streets somehow had to pay the one that ended up in the band a thousand bucks? I’m still holding you to that. All I wish is that we can be friends again. I miss us. And by us, I mean our friendship.

Please come back, even if it’s for a moment.

:h:Can you be patient with me? I’ve never had one of these before and I have no idea what I’m doing. I just want you to know that I probably really like you if I said ‘yes.’ I probably trust you more than you would understand. Please don’t take advantage of that. I probably won’t be the best girlfriend in the world, but give me time. I’ll come around and I’ll love you as much as I can.

:h:i just hope you know, im waiting for you.Every minute of everyday, im waiting for someone to come in and make me believe in love again, to make me believe in happiness. I’ve had my fair share of tears and heartbreak and im not expecting you to pick up the pieces and fix me, but im just hoping that you could love me, even though im this broken. Im hoping you could just love every side of me, everything about me. Im hoping you could put up with all my bullshit, and listen to all my problems. Im hoping you don’t walk away, please don’t disappoint me.

:h:My last boyfriend really messed me up. I’m always scared everyone is going to leave me. I’ve built this wall that I don’t let a lot of people get past so nobody can have the power to hurt me like that again. I won’t open up to you at first. But when I do, I promise to be the best girlfriend you’ve ever had. I’ll treat you right and all I’ll want is for you to be happy. I won’t be able to sleep until I’ve made you smile for that day at least once. :95::97:

lots of :67: ,

your girlfriend :95:

p/s :thanks for reading :face12:


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